Casino Spectacle


Surprise your guests with a trip into the past. Maik M. Paulsen and his team stage an evening full of surprises.

Let’s bring the 20s back to live!

Casino-Spectacle offers a unique time travel back into the 20s. Apart from the casino flair your guests will witness burlesque dancers, old fashioned vendors, bootblacks, stilt walkers, artists and pickpockets. Your guests will feel they’re part of the show!

We will be glad to recommend a suitable location in Berlin as well as other artists and ideas to make your event unforgettable.

Wild, untamed and full of passion!

The Game

With Maik M. Paulsen you will experience dexterous cheating technique, fascinating magic,
casino flair and interactive entertainment with your guests!
Even if your guests have seen it all:
They have never been taken by a real cheat!