Maik M. Paulsen is a cheat – the most honest cheat in the world.

Once you take a seat at one of the blackjack tables of his mobile casino he will greet you with a couple of chips to get you started in the game.

Soon it becomes clear, though, that winning has nothing to do with luck. But don’t worry! Losing has never been this much fun before! Fine humor and spontaneous, entertaining dialogues with the audience ensure a great time for everyone. More and more visitors will gather around the table to watch the other players apparently being at the mercy of the dealer. Word will spread quickly that it’s worthwhile to take a close look at the cheat’s hands.

Maik M. Paulsen is a master of his craft. Cards are being artfully shuffled, elegantly thrown through the air……and just like that another blackjack has been dealt!

But Maik M. Paulsen has yet another ace up his sleeve – close-up magic right in front of your eyes. Chips instantly switch places – playing cards change in the hands of the players and bills multiply at the very fingertips. The cheat uses every trick in the book to set a good mood and of course to make his participants winners on demand.

Because here is the best part: You don’t just play, you win!
In the end everybody will be a winner: You, your guests and Maik M. Paulsen!

There has never been so much fun at a blackjack table!

The Cheat Roulette

The Cheat Roulette is not just a mobile casino, it’s much more! It’s a customized entertainment highlight for your event effectively showcasing your business or product!

The Shell Game

Whether you’re on Oxford Street, the Champs-Elysées, Ku`Damm or Alexanderplatz in Berlin- the shell game will always be part of international metropolises.


Maik M. Paulsen offers an excellent chance to incorporate your logo and advertising message into his cheating and gambling performances.
In an entertaining and playful way your potential customers will receive exactly the information you want them to.