Blackjack-Magic is Maik M. Paulsen’s entertainment highlight which has been developed over the years to perfection.

Blackjack-Magic offers a unique blend of show and audience participation. Many of the incomparable moments can only be achieved through Maik M. Paulsen’s direct communication with his participants. Throughout the evening the lines between performer and audience will start to blur as spectators themselves turn into cheats and be the center of attention.

Inexplicable things start to happen at the table and even in the spectators’ own hands. Everybody is part of the show.

During the evening the blackjack table will start to become a major topic at your event. Your guests will experience a rollercoaster of emotion. Curiosity will soon give way to ambition, joy and limitless astonishment. In any case, what remains with your guests is the feeling of having been part of something very special. Few people ever get the chance to be entertained by a professional cheat.

Treat your guests to this unique experience and witness direct, honest entertainment without smoke and mirrors.


How much is a cheat? Do we pay him or will he simply scam his audience out of their money?
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