Die Absolventenshow der Staatlichen Artistenschule Berlin.

For 60 years, talented young people are trained to become professional artists at the Artistenschule Berlin. The variety of training programs offered within the acrobatic and artistic field is unique in Germany.

Since 2004, the graduates of the Artistenschule Berlin complete their education with a solemn gala show. The 2005 graduates’ show “Hut ab!” was the first in history to be taken on a nationwide tour. Full of passion and vigor the show introduced new and fresh artists to many stages in Germany and showcased a big variety of young talent. It was a great success. Among other places, “Hut ab!” played at Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart as well as Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig. Audiences and critics were delighted.
Since then, each year’s graduates of the Artistenschule Berlin follow in the footsteps of those pioneers to go on a multiple week tour, presenting their acts to audiences all over Germany.

Maik M. Paulsen graduated from the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin in 2005 and co-created the annual graduates’ show.
Maik M. Paulsen (PAULSEN & CONSORTEN) is also the producer and manager of this unique production.
For further information, please visit www.absolventenshow.de

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