The Cheat Roulette

The Cheat Roulette

The pinnacle of gambling! Roulette– that is not just a name but the most popular casino game in the entire world. At a noble and highly visible roulette table players get the chance to test their luck. An enthusiastic crowd gathers around the table. There is laughter, winning and losing, people are obviously having fun. Even more guests join the group to watch, to play and to be amazed…

Maik M. Paulsen’s roulette table differs in small but important details from any other normal roulette table. A specially customized roulette table for your event guarantees a lot of fun for the audience through special features while at the same time effectively showcasing your company or product.

In addition to the cloth and wheel the branding, of course, also includes all tokens passing through the players’ hands as well as all other items that are used at the table.

The Cheat Roulette is particularly suitable for the following events:

  • Trade shows – to collect business cards.
  • Road shows – to transform your business into an interactive experience.
  • Corporate events – to effectively showcase your product.
  • Charity events – to raise money for a good cause.

The Cheat Roulette is not just a mobile casino, it’s much more:
It’s a customized entertainment highlight for your event effectively showcasing your business or product!


Maik M. Paulsen’s unique gambling and cheating experience. A blend of dexterous cheating technique, fascinating magic, casino flair and interactive entertainment with your guests!

The Shell Game

Whether you’re on Oxford Street, the Champs-Elysées, Ku`Damm or Alexanderplatz in Berlin- the shell game will always be part of international metropolises.


Maik M. Paulsen offers an excellent chance to incorporate your logo and advertising message into his cheating and gambling performances.
In an entertaining and playful way your potential customers will receive exactly the information you want them to.