Maik M. Paulsen’s work does not end at the edge of his casino table. He is always on the search for new, creative and exclusive entertainment ideas for his clients and partners. His years of experience make him a competent guide for artists, concepts, locations and creative ideas.

Maik M. Paulsen is owner of PAULSEN & CONSORTEN and has been organizing the final graduation show for the State School of Circus Arts since 2005.

Being a performing artist as well as co-owning an artists agency he has insights into two very distinct fields or work. On the one hand he is a creative artist and on the other hand he is capable of properly calculating and planning an event. He will gladly advise you on further artists for your event and can even create entire event concepts as well as entertainment tools for trade or road shows.

While the quality of each individual artist has highest priority it is also very important to factor in the overall picture of all artists combined.

As a former juggler he has specialized in performing artists like variety artists, magicians and walkacts.
Besides planning out theme based shows Maik M. Paulson often creates vaudeville shows for companies, clients and other events.


Surprise your guests with a trip into the past.
Maik M. Paulsen and his team stage an evening full of surprises.
Wild, untamed and full of passion!